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Extracurricular Activities

We are very excited to offer our students a program in essential skills. This is a KHDA approved programme called SALT which stands for Skills and Attitudes for Life Transformation. As you are aware, we have taken KHDA approval to extend the school hours every Monday and Wednesday, so we can help our children to be ‘life-ready’. Studies have proven that students who have gone through programs in Life and Leadership skills have an extra edge in life over their counterparts who have not had an opportunity to do so, since these programs teach students to be confident, to face pressures of life, time management, public speaking, how to face an interview, write a resume, etc.. KHDA is also encouraging schools to incorporate these programs in the school curriculum.

These programs shall be implemented by an organisation called PeoplePro Enterprise for Social Impact. PeoplePro has been working in the education sector for the last 18 years and have a well-researched and structured curriculum for life skills, for all grades, which they call “SALT” – Skills and Attitudes for Life Transformation (approved by KHDA).

There are seven modules which are divided in to four segments. These modules are all activity based and the trainers would basically be facilitators, encouraging the students to explore and learn by doing. Regular feedback sessions from parents, teachers and students shall be taken and reported to the school. The students will also be given an opportunity to showcase what they have learnt through various programs and activities.

We encourage all parents to support this learning initiative by partnering with your child and the school in creating a student force that is ready to take life head on! Discuss with your child what he or she took away from each session and give your feedback to the school. If there are specific areas you want PeoplePro to address in your child, feel free to speak with the trainers in private. Let’s work together to ensure our students are prepared academically, socially and emotionally, for life!