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Admissions Policy

Approved by: Dolly Goriawala Date of approval: May 2019
Last reviewed on: May 2019
Next review due by: May 2020

to outline the process of application for students applying to Star International School. Star International School is an inclusive school, which welcomes applications for admission from all families regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion. We fully welcome applications from Emirati families and families with Pupils of Determination.


This policy was written by the Admissions team, in consultation with Alison Lloyd, SLT and Jo Eccles, Inclusion Champion.

Monitoring and evaluation:

The Admission team is responsible for using this policy to ensure pupils are enrolled as appropriate. Any issues or concerns arising from this are to be brought to the attention of the Principal.


Admissions procedure at Star International School includes the stages set below, though some stages may in practice be concurrent.


A visit to the school is the ideal starting point to the admissions process. School tours are organised by the Admissions Department and SLT, on designated days and times.


Registration is understood to be an expression of interest and does not commit parents to accepting a place, nor does it commit the school to extending an offer. Parents / guardians are invited to either complete the registration form online or to meet a member of the admissions team to do so in person. Parents of a child who has any special educational needs should provide the school with full details at the time of registration, including any specialised reports and external evaluations.

Star International School does not charge fees for application. A non-refundable fee of AED 500 is payable at the time of admission assessment.


After completing the registration paperwork, all prospective students are invited for an entrance assessment. The assessment is an opportunity for the school to gain a better understanding of the abilities and interests of the students.

Assessment process is undertaken on a one-to-one or small group basis in the school setting and includes an observed play session for entry into Early Years Foundation Stage and more formal Reading, Writing and Mathematics assessments for entry into Year 1 and upwards. If the application for admission is during a school term, the students will also have opportunity to spend time in class.

For applicants from outside of the UAE, who are unable to attend an assessment in person, assessment will be based on previous school reports, most recent assessment data on Reading, Writing and Mathematics, as applicable to the year group and if required, remote interview with the Head of Phase. Offers subsequently extended will be provisional and must be ratified when the students are in the country.

An applicant who is identified during the assessment process to have possible special educational needs will be referred to the inclusion team for further evaluation. Students with EAL needs are referred to the EAL coordinator for evaluation.


All admissions for Students of determination (i.e. students with special educational needs or disabilities), whether their needs are identified during the assessment process or declared by their parents at the time of application, will be handled by the Inclusion team, under the terms of the school’s admission policy and procedure for Students of determination.

Members of the inclusion team; led by the school’s Inclusion Champion will work with the parents as well as other specialists where necessary throughout the admissions process. Admission is not conditional on a medical diagnosis. We offer free assessment for students of determination (Parents must provide any medical or therapist reports on the date of the assessment)

We will:

2.1 Ensure students are not refused admission based only on their experience of SEND. This is to ensure that students will be able to attend the school chosen for them by their parents.

2.2 Ensure students who experience SEND will receive “sibling priority” for admission.

2.3 Ensure that students who experience SEND will be guaranteed the right to receive quality education and training in all types and phases of schooling.

2.4 Ensure that students who experience SEND will be actively supported to participate in the process of learning as they develop their potential, and build relationships with their peers, through social interactions in age appropriate common learning environments.

2.5 Ensure that students who experience SEND will be provided with the support, accommodations and curricular modifications required to enable equitable access to educational opportunities. Appropriate priority will be given to the development of each student’s potential, including meaningful participation in the learning process, with peers in the common learning environment.

2.6 Ensure to promote the principle of equity for students who experience SEND.


The school will make best efforts to make admissions decisions available to the parents one week from the date of assessment. Star International School promotes inclusive practices and strives to meet the individual needs of all students.


All places offered will be based on recommendation from the Head of Phase and approval from the Principal. Places are issued on a first come first served basis until all vacant places are filled. Students will then be placed on a waiting list with a priority given to siblings, starting with siblings of students of determination and staff.

Students are placed in a year group deemed to be the most appropriate within the bounds of KHDA guidelines (as specified below) and the judgement of the school’s academic leadership as a result of the admission assessment.

British Curriculum (13 Year System) Age (by 1st September)
Foundation Stage 1 3
Foundation Stage 2 4
Year 1 5
Year 2 6
Year 3 7
Year 4 8
Year 5 9
Year 6 10
Year 7 11
Year 8 12
Year 9 13
Year 10 14
Year 11 15

Enrolment offers are based on year group availability and consideration of the following:

  • Correct age for the requested year group as per Ministry of Education requirements.
  • Successful completion of the previous school year.
  • Successful assessment results (50% must be achieved in both Math and English)
  • Previous school records (transfer certificates, latest reports etc)


Once an offer is made, families must take up the placement within two weeks making a payment for a registration deposit equal to 30% of the tuition fees plus a 500AED enrolment fee. Failure to pay a deposit may result in the place being offered to another candidate. All deposits are non-refundable unless the family has to move outside the Emirate of Dubai. The school reserves the right to ask for supporting documentation. All documentation must be written or translated in English before an application can be accepted. Any translated documents must also be attested.

It is a regulatory requirement that all students enrolled in Dubai private schools are registered with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) with their Emirates ID and sign a parent-school contract. This process needs to be completed within the timeframe set by KHDA.

The following must be provided:

  • 2 recent passport sized photos (write child’s name on back of each photo)
  • 1 copy of applicant’s birth certificate (must be legally translated if not issued in English or Arabic)
  • 1 copy of applicant’s passport and residence visa
  • 1 copy of applicant’s vaccination card
  • 1 copy of each parent/guardian’s passport and residence visa
  • 1 copy of child medical insurance card
  • Makani number
  • 1 copy of applicant’s school reports for the last 2 years (FS2 and above only)
  • Emirates ID copy of student and parent / guardian
  • Transfer Certificate supporting Year Group applied for (If coming from a school outside of Dubai)


Pupils enrolling in Star International School during the months of September & October will be required to pay full tuition fees, those enrolling on/or after 1st November will be billed as follows:

For entry during the month of:

November - 90% of Annual Tuition fees are payable.

December - 80% of Annual Tuition fees are payable.


8.1 Siblings

If more than one child from the same parents registers at school, the following discounts will apply:

  • Second child - 10% discount
  • Third child or more - 20% discount

The following terms and conditions apply to this offer:

  • 1. The sibling discount is valid only for those who have paid Term 1 School Fees on/or before the due date specified by the School along with two postdated cheques for the following terms fees.
  • 2. The discount is to be reflected on the last instalment payment. If any of the payments are late, sibling discount will be revoked.
  • 3. If the cheque is dishonored due to insufficient funds, the discount will be revoked.
  • 4. The discount is not available for late admissions and is only applicable only from the beginning of ensuing academic year.
  • 5. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

7.2 Merit based

10% - 40% based on the achievements on the external exams.

7.3 Special Discount

1. 500AED for paying school fees in total on the first term due date.

2. 10% - 40% to children whose parent(s) have lost their job and are facing financial difficulties.


With prior consultation and approval from KHDA, the school reserves the right to cancel a student’s placement or refuse to re-register the student for reasons including, but not limited to non-payment of fees by identified deadlines, non-completion of registration requirements, poor attendance and non-compliance with school policies and procedures.


Notice of student withdrawal and application for a tuition refund at the request of the parent/guardian must be made in writing to the school Principal. Ministry of Education regulations govern the school tuition refund policies outlined below.

For students who are withdrawn from the school during the academic year, fee deduction will be applied as per the KHDA Fees Framework quoted below:

  • If the student attends school for two weeks or less, one month’s fee will be deducted.
  • If the student attends school for a period ranging between two weeks and one month, two months’ fees will be deducted.
  • If the student attends for more than a month, three months’ fees will be deducted.

Kindly note that school fees are possibly subject to change in accordance with Ministry of Education regulations.