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Board of Governors

Governing boards provide vital leadership to schools. They ensure that schools are well-run by management and that sustainable outcomes are delivered. They act as stewards to ensure a school supports the most promising opportunities for its students. The focus of a school’s governing board is to establish the strategy for the principal and school management so as to provide the best education possible for every student at the school.

All governing boards of private schools have four core functions:

  • Setting strategic direction within the context of a clearly-stated vision and ethos.
  • Holding the senior leadership team accountable for the achievement of strategy and running of the school.
  • Overseeing the overall educational performance of the school and suggesting ways for improvement.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school – this includes setting fees, budget oversight, and achieving financial targets.

These important functions are carried by our following board of governors


Mr. Ahmed Obaidly

Mr. Ahmed is the co-partner of Star International School, Al Twar 2 and he provides great insights in the financial matters of the School.

Mr. Romain Astruc

Mr. Romain Astruc is from France and, for the past 15 years, has been actively involved in the education field. He started with creating an education plan in Benin for French and Benin nationals. He is currently partner at a Switzerland based law firm, and manages the Dubai office. He has experience in various fields of law and is registered with the French consulate to assist individuals in distress. A civil law specialist and criminologist, Mr. Romain has spent 9 years in the UAE advising clients on their UAE, KSA and GCC legal matters. His particular interest lies in supporting the identification and oversight of Gifted and Talented Students.

Mr. Maher Alkaabi

Mr. Maher is a seasoned banker with 25 years of experience across both local and international banks. His areas of expertise lie in Strategy, Human Capital Development and Engineering. Maher’s out-of-the box thinking provides constructive challenge to the school and his passion, energy and enthusiasm inspires the school to aim higher. Maher holds a postgraduate certificate of Financial Management and banking from American University of Sharjah and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is passionate about Gifted and Talented Students, Curriculum, Assessment, Arabic and Science.

Ms. Ayda Mbaye

Ms. Ayda is from Zanzibar and holds an honours degree in business management as well as an ICA Diploma in Compliance. She is passionate about student life and imprinting values and a sense of corporate citizenship on the young generation. Ayda serves as the Head of Corporate Ethics and Compliance for a global life insurance company. As a risk and compliance professional, she hopes to add value by providing counsel on risk identification and management as well helping to build stronger compliance controls and monitoring of these controls. In addition, she brings in skills in the areas of communication, presentation, active listening, team work and negotiation. She is responsible for leadership and management.

Ms. Agata Hartley

Ms. Agata is an experienced British teacher with over 20 years teaching in Leicestershire, England. This is her seventh year at Star, as a literacy coordinator and the member of SLT, her area of interest lies in English Language and Literature.

Ms. Sherin Hegazy

Ms. Sherin is from Egypt and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. She is particularly passionate about helping the school improve in the Arabic Language and Assessment.