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What’s in the News?

As I am sure your children have told you, our key stage assemblies this year are focusing on ‘what is in the news’, this helps all our students keep up to date with current affairs and develop a deeper understanding of what is happening in the wider world.Each week we will be sending home the topic we have covered as well as some points for the discussion at home . Your child could create a poster, picture, photograph, story, letter etc to demonstrate their thoughts on each topic.

As this will be optional work we will be rewarding anyone who does this with 2 Dojo points from the Senior Leadership team. The work will also be displayed on our new board next to reception.

Later on today we will post the theme of last week’s assembly as well as this weeks for the children to follow up at home if they want to win Dojo Points and have their work displayed.

We look forward to seeing some fantastic work from the pupils.

Picture News Coverage document – Autumn 1 2018

What’s in the news week 2:

Technology:Points for discussion at home:Can you imagine not having any technology (phones, TV, tabletsetc.) to find out information?What are some of the different ways you would be able to use tofind out information?Talk to a family member or friend who is over the age of 30, askthem about what life was like before we had the internet. Whatwas harder and what did they think was better about a time beforeGoogle?What do you think the next 20 years of technology will bring?

Picture News Coverage document – Autumn 1 2018

What’s in the news week 1

Homelessness:What do you think when you see someone homeless on the street?Do you think you should help homeless people directly or do you think it is better to help by giving to charities or volunteering?People can become homeless for lots of different reasons, often it is because they can no longer afford to pay their rent or bills. What can we do to help?