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How do we assess?
Become curious about the world around them
Think critically about problems and issues which arise
Problem solve and become independent learners


At Star Al-Twar, we use a complete cycle of assessment and tracking formation to help your child succeed. In the Foundation Stage we use Tapestry to create individual learning journeys for every child. Photos, Videos and written observations are recorded online and help to track your child's progress over time. You are able to access the online learning journey to keep up to date on what your child is doing in class and will be able to upload your own contributions to it as well. Teachers regularly track each child's progress from baseline(when they joined) through to the end of term 3. This date is then analysed to ensure teachers are meeting the needs of all children and adapt planning and teaching strategies accordingly. When Children transition from FS1 to FS2 the data and learning journeys move with them. At the end of FS2 Literacy and Math attainment and progress is tracked on Learning Ladders ready for the transition to Year one.

Learning Ladders:

From Year one onwards we track the students weekly using the effective and robust learning ladders system. We regularly analyse findings from the system that allows us to plan for your child's strengths and areas they may find challenging. You are able to access the system using the very special 'ladders at home' portal that not only allows you to keep track of your child's progress and attainment but also offers help, hints and tips for what you can do at home to help support your child further.

Rising Stars:

We use the Rising Stars assessments throughout each term to assess the pupil's knowlege at the start, middle and end of each unit/topic to check for progress and understanding. This allows us to easily monitor how children are performing across strands of the curriculum and identify areas that require extra support or need extra challenge. This also allows and adapt our teaching accordingly.

Progress Test Series:

At the end of each academic year your child will sit the ' Progress Test Series' of assessments in accordance with KHDA regulations. The PT series, In English, math and science, delivers a detailed, accurate, and clear picture of each pupil's attainment and progress that will be reported to you in detail.


When joining the school your child will be asked to take the Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition

(CAT4) that is a Non-academic assessment that provides a robust, standardised measure of cognitive reasoning ability. This gives us a valuable insight into your child's ability to reason across four distinct batteries: verbal, non-verbal, mathematical and spatial, as compared to the national average. This allows us to address patterns and adapt our teaching methods to suit your child's needs, ensuring feedback is appropriate and targets are achievable.