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Secondary Curriculum

Star International School Al Twar follows the British National Curriculum throughout the school and offers Year 9-11.

In Key Stage 3, we build upon the skills acquired in Key Stage 2. Key Stage 3 is completed at the end of Year 8, after which students transfer to Key Stage 4 (Year 9), where they begin their 3 year GCSE. The work covered in Key Stage 3 prepares students for the move to GCSE, it is, therefore, vital that they complete the full Key Stage in order to have the best foundations for GCSE in Year 10.

The British National Curriculum consists of core and foundation subjects. The core subjects are English, Mathematics , and Science, which are compulsory across Key Stages 1 – 4.   In addition to the core subjects, we also offer:

  • Art and Design (KS 3/4)
  • Geography (KS3/4)
  • History (KS3/4)
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  (KS3/4)
  • Physical Education (PE) (KS 3/4)
  • Business Studies (KS 3/4)
  • Global Citizenship (KS 3/4)
  • Media Studies (KS 4)
  • Psychology (KS 4)
  • Further Maths (KS 4)
  • Separate Science (KS4)
  • Science (KS 3/4)
  • STEAM/ Robotics (KS3)
  • Travel and Tourism (KS4)
  • Hospitality (KS 4)
  • Design Technology (KS4)
  • Fitness (KS3/4)
  • Yoga (KS3/4)

The Ministry of Education in Dubai also includes as core subjects:

  • Arabic language (First language Arabic speakers - Arabic A and Arabic  as an additional language - Arabic B)
  • Islamic Education (for Muslims)
  • Social Studies
  • Moral Education Program