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Principal’s Message

Star International School Altwar, an accredited BSO Good School, stands out among the many large schools of Dubai by its community feel and by the warm smiles on the faces of students/Starlights. The Principal, Ma'am Dolly, takes pride in the achievements of all
her children. For the teachers in Star Altwar, every child is an individual with their own unique needs. While Ma’am Dolly moves the school towards academic excellence, she also believes that children need to be critical thinkers and problem solvers and confident of their own abilities. Holistic development is very essential, so children are empowered to enhance Leadership qualities from a young age. Ms. Jo Eccles, our Foundation Head, sets high standards from FS2. Our Primary Head, Ms. Claire Gilmore, takes this a step further by having young Leaders as Mentors for the little ones. Yoga, Mindfulness and the promotion of healthy lifestyles are what they model. Here is a school that celebrates the diversity of its students through mutual respect and by observing all festivals that are important to them - Hag el Leila, Diwali, Eid, Christmas.

Having lived in Dubai for 40 years, Ma'am Dolly oversees that the understanding of Islamic values and Emirati culture and Heritage, which is well developed by our Head of Arabic and Islamic Ms. Shaza Ibrahim . The relationship with parents is outstanding and Ma'am Dolly's door is always open for parents, teachers and her Starlights; for they are the breath and soul of the school. This is an inclusive school. Under guidance from the school's Inclusion Champion, Ma'am Dolly further strengthened the Inclusion Dept. by hiring 3 qualified SEND teachers.

On requests from the parents, Ma'am Dolly took a leap and started Key Stage 4. Under the strong guidance of our Secondary Head. Mr. Kyle Knott, the first cohort sat for their GCSEs last year with outstanding results, with our Emirati student being a Topper in English. Star Altwar is also one of the very few schools to have added BTEC qualifications for its students. This year's DSIB inspection left the school feeling Very Proud of the commitment of the staff and the achievements of the Starlights, when they were told that quality of lessons was very good to outstanding. Smiles all around. In fact, Star Altwar is known as The Happy School. Ma'am Dolly is now moving ahead to add another feather in the school's cap. The acquisition of new school premises for Secondary and moving ahead to POST-16. Key Stage 5.

  • The school is on the road to excellence. Like H.H. Sheikh Mohammed, Ma’am Dolly believes: "In the race for Excellence, there is no Finish line".
  • Running through the fabric of the school, Is the Starlights’ tolerance and acceptance of everyone.
  • Children love Star Altwar. Because everyone gets treated fairly and kindly.
  • Teachers are genuinely interested in the well-being of the children.
  • Star Altwar is a family that includes everyone.
  • Star believes in zero discrimination. Bullying is a big No-N0.
  • Teachers are very collaborative and always together.
  • At Star Altwar, you will find unique children at every corner.
  • We are a close-knit community; a family school that celebrates the big and little successes of all children.
  • Children feel a sense of belonging..
  • The staff and students and parents are all connected like a family.
  • The children are all hard working, resilient and enjoy a challenge. They display all of the qualities of future global citizens. It is a pleasure to be able to witness them grow personally and academically.

Dolly Goriawala