Wellbeing initiatives for students are embedded into our core curriculum through the provision of mindfulness activities in classrooms, as well as daily wellbeing and circle time sessions.

The school’s emphasis on health, safety, welfare and wellbeing of students is successful in creating a harmonious community in which students feel happy and safe.

For our younger children (EYFS to Year 6), we dedicate time in class to writing in their gratitude journals, whereby at the end of every day they write about something that made them happy that day. Then if a child is ever feeling sad, we encourage them to read back through their journal to reflect on things that have made them happy, and this has genuinely proven to lift their spirits and get them back into a frame of mind where they feel they’re ready to learn again.


Our children really feel like they are true Starlights; if a child feels happy and secure, everything else is like dominoes falling into place - the child feels confident and proud of their ability to learn and will work hard to achieve their very best.

Pastoral Care Team

In addition to this, Star strives to establish early intervention, undertake wellbeing assessments, and has a pastoral care team that is actively involved in ensuring our students and their families feel valued, supported and heard.

School Consellor

Star also has a school counsellor on site to provide individual and/or group counselling sessions in a confidential setting, run social emotional learning lessons across key year groups, send out weekly wellbeing and mental health resources to parents/families, organise and run family workshops, and make external referrals where required.