Digital learning & technology

The programme of study for ICT at Star Al Twar focuses on three main aspects: Digital Literacy, E-Safety and Computer Science; we integrate the use of ICT throughout the curriculum.
All students have a timetabled lesson in the ICT suites each week. In addition to this, the students use iPads and tablets within the classroom to support research and cross-curricular learning opportunities. All classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard to further support their learning experiences. Secondary students are required to use laptops only to meet the learning demands in the later key stages.

Star’s Year 6 students go to our secondary school campus to use their ICT suites, which provides access to more advanced technologies and further supports their transition from primary to secondary school.


Within our secondary school we have separate Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows ICT suites, with industry standard graphic design, photography and media editing software to support our vocational learning. We’ve invested in this high-quality software and hardware to offer creative pathways to our students.


We have a Student Media Team who not only do all the videography for Star’s school events (including shooting, scripting and editing), they also do the videography for the Dubai Centre for Special Needs, providing them with genuine ‘real-world’ and charitable contribution opportunities.

We also have a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy, which further increases the students’ access to ICT daily.